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Lenovo QT83 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Are you looking for a comfortable, reliable, and high-quality earphone that doesn’t break your bank in the process? Then Lenovo has your back covered with their QT83 headphones model, available in black and white.

No matter your lifestyle, these earbuds deliver high fidelity sound, HD calls, and safe wear without compromising the retail price. Made with durability in mind, you can use them for your workout sessions or when you feel like playing some mobile games during your free time.

Their built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip ensures a stable connection, low latency, and low power consumption for a fantastic sound experience. The best part of Lenovo’s QT83 is that they are compatible with Android and iOS devices.


The product includes the earphones themselves, the charging box with a Type-C connector, the respective connecting cable, and the user manual with all the precautions and common questions detailed.

As with most audio devices available on the market, you only need to go through the pairing process once with your chosen device and, once you take the QT83 out of their charging case, they’re ready to use every single time. They aim to deliver the best audio and image synchronization by adding an antenna, chip, and microphone on each earbud to ensure that your device recognizes both pieces as primary headphones.

You’ll be able to enjoy wireless stereo and an immersive mobile experience with these Lenovo earphones without having to worry about connection loss since they have a maximum transmission distance of 10 meters without obstacles.

Battery life

The charging case has a battery of 450mAh, and each earbud can hold up to 40mAh, which translates into at least 4 hours of music time at once. It has a bigger capacity than most wireless headphones of this size, allowing for more play hours before needing to plug them into the electrical current. 

The long battery life and stable connection will come into play so that you can use the QT83 throughout the day without worries. The charging case in itself weighs about 150 grams. It uses magnetic chargers to connect the earbuds, which speaks volumes about how far the technology has come to offer affordable, portable, and wireless audio to the average customer. For iOS users, a battery display will be available to check once you take the earbuds from their case. The QT83 does not specify whether it supports fast charging, so use that method with precaution.

Microphone quality

You can be confident that the QT83 will deliver HD calls since both earphones include a built-in microphone to ensure precise audio. The same thing goes for if, in case you’re an iOS user, you want to activate the voice assistant. Siri should have no problems understanding your commands and navigating through the available options. 

Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 chip on each side, the connection will remain stable through your calls, and the quality should never drop. Although the QT83 might come a bit short compared to other similar earbuds on the market, we feel like it can still be fitting for video and phone calls and, if you’re into it, using it for personal voice recording.

Sound quality

This category usually is what makes or breaks a customer’s decision, and Lenovo’s QT83 certainly checks the box. The earphones come with a 13mm diameter horn with a sensitivity range between 115 and 3dB. A wider diaphragm results in a significant decrease in sound distortion, so voices and instruments will sound crisp and clear. If you’re looking for deep bass, defined mid-frequency, and crisp high-tones, these earphones will deliver just that.

Some good news is that it includes active noise cancellation, enhancing the sound experience to another level by isolating the music from the noisy environment. Even though the earphones don’t have silicone pads like other Lenovo products to add another layer of noise reduction, they still manage to isolate the ear canal pretty well while wearing them.


Lenovo’s QT83 comes with IPX4 certification, making them splash-proof to most liquids, like water or sweat. It is always essential to check whether any earphone comes with this particular certification since if you want to wear them while you’re working out, not all products will make the cut. Fortunately, the QT83 are able to withstand outdoor conditions without suffering any malfunction, and you should be confident in wearing them in almost all circumstances. In addition to their durable material, its ergonomic design is meant to stay put in your ear without having to accommodate it continually.

How to control

Rejecting all physical buttons like the rest of the manufacturers, Lenovo’s QT83 incorporates smart touch with fingertips, eliminating the need to press against your ear canal to perform any action. Its multifunctional one-button control works as it follows: a single tap on either side will pause or play the current track, a long press will activate Siri (only if you’re an iOS user, of course) or reject an incoming call when the option is available, increase or decrease volume with the left and right side, and so on. The controls are intuitive and respond immediately to the user’s touch, allowing for a no-hassle experience while you’re going along with your daily tasks. Some users might be worried about the touch sensitivity when their hands are wet, but so far, the QT83 responsitivity doesn’t decrease with wet surfaces.

Final verdict

Lenovo’s QT83 follows the right wireless device path by adding the option to use each earphone by itself, breaking away the slave-master model that prevailed in the headphone market. That way, the Bluetooth connection is more stable, and you can even connect each earbud to two devices if you wish so. 

These earphones are reliable and comfortable to wear with their half-in-ear design, while they also provide high fidelity sound with minimal distortion. We feel like, for their retail price, you will get a fantastic product that will withstand most conditions, have a great stereo sound, and won’t punish you if you forget to charge them overnight.