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Lenovo LP1s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sometimes we think that cheap earphones will not deliver excellent sound quality, and usually, we are right. But Lenovo’s LP1s throw any prejudice over the window with ergonomic design and top-notch technology without compromising your pocket.

The large capacity battery and the addition of the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip will improve your streaming experience significantly, ensuring that you won’t be left stranded in the middle of your daily tasks. As long as your iOS or Android device has a Bluetooth connection, you’ll be able to use your LP1s to answer video calls, listen to podcasts, hop into a competitive match with your friends, and much more.


The product includes the earbuds in itself, the charging case, a cable charger, and some replaceable pads set if the default one doesn’t properly fit in your ear canal. In case you didn’t know, the LP1s is the upgraded version of Lenovo’s LP1, where they decided to improve on several features like the Bluetooth chip and the noise reduction technology.

These earphones have incorporated the third generation of the wireless connection, significantly improving the true wireless user experience by having fast pairing and ultra-low latency. Once you’ve paired the LP1s to a device, you only need to take them out of their case, and they’ll be ready to use. Each earbud weighs only 3.6 grams and provides much-needed stability for prolonged movement with materials meant to resist damage from liquids like water and sweat. If you are someone who is longing to have earphones with the same design level as the Airpods Pro, but in a more accessible range, maybe these might interest you.

Battery life

The battery case includes four LED lights indicate how much battery is left. Most manufacturers seem to neglect any feature that allows the user to know at a single glance when they should plug their case, so we congratulate Lenovo on this detail.

Another important feature we don’t usually see in earphones of their price range, the LP1s includes a built-in protection chip that prevents the earphones from suffering damage originated from short circuit, overcharge, temperature, chip PTC, and voltage fluctuation.

With a total capacity of 300mAh, you’ll only need about 90 minutes to fully charge the case and get 12 hours of music or talking time through a USB-C connector.

The low energy consumption and better stability aren’t achieved by sheer luck: the modern Bluetooth 5.0 chip plays a significant role in offering both improvements.

Sound quality

Combining the comfortable earphone design and a sensitivity range of 96dB, it’s surprising how the LP1s can compete with other headphones with such a small size.

The semi-open earcup fits with ease inside your ear canal. The silicone pads work as a passive noise cancellation system, sealing the inside for enhancing the sound experience coming from the 10mm double diaphragm horns.

Sometimes you might forget that you’re even using earphones from how comfortable they feel, so there’s no need to worry about any itchy or annoying sensation while you’re working out or taking a phone call through the hands-free option in your phone.

Each earbud has a battery capacity of 40mAh that averages 4 hours of working time and has a maximum transmitting distance of 10 meters without obstacles. Overall the LP1s have crisp sounds with clear mids and highs, but unfortunately, the quality dimples a bit when you receive phone calls.

Touch controls

Manufacturers and consumers prefer to move towards touch controls due to their simplicity and convenience. Each ear works as a primary headset, allowing you to use them separately or interconnected to have a high fidelity sound experience. The LP1s are sensitive to the user’s touch and can also activate the voice assistant if applicable with a long press. A single touch will either play/pause a song or answer/hang up a call no matter which side you touch. But to increase the volume, you have to tap the right earphone three times, and to decrease it; you’ll need to do the same action in the left one. When you’re playing music, the same logic applies to switching songs: three touches on the right ear to move to the next song and three on the left to go back a track. As you can tell, the controls are intuitive, and you get the hang of them immediately. You could expect some accidental commands if you accommodate the earphones, but otherwise, there shouldn’t be any problems during their use.

Material durability and waterproof

The LP1s can withstand heavy use, which means that you can use them while exercising or going outdoors without worrying about rain or sweat ruining them. The reason behind its durability comes from their IPX4 certification, which means that the manufacturer tested the device by blasting it with water jets from all angles for 5 minutes. Any user should keep an eye out to ensure that any product claiming to be waterproof has an IPX certification, and Lenovo made sure to include it in their LP1s.

Microphone quality

The earbuds have a built-in microphone that incorporates noise cancellation technology to make your voice sound loud and clear during your calls, even in noisy environments. The microphone sensibility ranges between -32 and 3dB, and it is a noticeable upgrade from the LP1. Whether you’re in a videoconference in a work environment or a play session with your friends through any online video game, the earphones will have good reception and have a frequency response range between 20 and 20,000Hz, placing it alongside the competition.

Final verdict

For its retail price, Lenovo’s LP1s is an attractive option for those who aren’t looking for an expensive earphone but don’t want to compromise on high fidelity sound. Their design is reminiscent of the Airpods Pro, and their features and long duration battery make it a convenient option for daily use. Perhaps its audio quality during phone calls might be a determent for some users, but otherwise, Lenovo’s LP1s appear as a viable option for the average consumer.