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Lenovo LP2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

People show more interest in buying earphones because of how comfortable they are for carrying them around without having to compromise audio latency or sound quality.

For example, Lenovo has stepped up its game and its wide variety of electronic products now include the LP2 (Live Pods) earbuds.

These small earphones include the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip to ensure the lowest latency possible and almost immediate pairing with your chosen device. If you want to ditch the over-the-ear headphones for a more portable option, maybe the Lenovo-branded earbuds might be the best option for you without breaking your piggy bank.


Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the LP2 achieves low latency, low power consumption, stable connection and will let you have real-time control of your game dynamics with ease. These earbuds are meant to be placed in your ear canal with comfort and almost forget you’re using them thanks to their elegant and modern design.

As one would expect from true wireless earphones, once you pair the LP2 with your device you won’t need to go through the connecting process again. Just take them out of their charging case and they will be ready to go with an instant connection. The package includes the earbuds themselves, the charging case, replaceable silicone pads, and a charging cable alongside the user manual to solve any doubts or issues you may have with this product.

Battery life

In this particular category, Lenovo’s LP2 has outstanding performance. Each earbud has a capacity of 40mAh and the case in itself holds 300mAh, and these numbers translate into  approximately 350 hours of standby time and 20 hours of music time, making it more than suitable for a full working day.

The charging case has a Type-C connector which allows you to use it with fast chargers and you will only need about 90 minutes to have the case fully charged.

As we’ve mentioned before, the Bluetooth 5.0 chip technology plays an important part in how the LP2 gets to prolong its battery and you can be certain that you will still be able to use your earphones even if you forget to charge them overnight.

Sound quality

The sound quality is achieved thanks to its 10 mm dual-frequency moving coil unit inside the earphone, allowing high-frequency analysis and diminishing any distorted details. 

With a frequency range between 20 and 20,000Hz and the AAC/SBC high-definition audio decoding, these earphones will make sure you’ll be getting the best sound experience possible.

Each earphone functions separately and has a master-slave mode incorporated to let you switch to optimize power consumption, reduce delay, and make your experience more pleasant since there’s no distinction between main and secondary headphones.

The silicone pad also works as a passive noise cancellation method, and everything just clicks into place to give you a pleasant experience on the go.

Microphone quality

People usually like having headphones with a microphone integrated so they can also receive calls while they’re listening to music. In this case, the integrated microphone has a sensitivity range between -42dB up to 3dB and has ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) and CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology incorporated into it so you can make any call in a noisy area and still have a clear voice on the other end. In addition to all of the above, the LP2 has a two-ear HD call, so you won’t miss a single detail on either earphone. Although some people have complained about how the audio quality gets worse during calls, so far these earphones still pass the test. 

Waterproof certification?

Whenever you’re looking into buying new headphones, it’s always important to know whether our purchase will hold the test of time, and therefore, it is a relief to see any product with IPX certification.

In this particular case, the LP2 has a level 5 certification meaning that the earphones are waterproof and dustproof, effectively avoiding any damage caused by either sweat or rain.

For any outdoor athlete, this is a crucial feature, and usually, manufacturers only aim for the IPX4 certification. In this case, Lenovo went a bit further while still maintaining an affordable retail price. The materials used in these earphones are durable and will last some heavy-duty usage without compromising sound quality.

LP2’s controls

These earbuds have a transmission distance averaging 10 meters without any obstacles. With a long press, you’ll be able to activate Siri and use all the voice commands as usual.

Usually, the way you can use the LP2 is a single tap to either play or pause a song or, in case you have an income call, to either answer or hang up. An interesting feature that’s missing from other competitors is the Smart Caller ID number function, allowing you to instantly recognize who is trying to contact you without having to look into the screen.

The double-tap control is used to control the volume, using either the left or right ear to decrease or increase the volume respectively. Finally, if you’re listening to music and you want to change tracks, a triple tap will switch the song to the previous or the next one on the list. We have seen this system in other Lenovo products because they don’t want to fix what isn’t broken for a good reason. Simple and effective!

Final verdict

As we’ve described above, the LP2 has powerful features that place them above the competition, especially thanks to their low power consumption and their long-lasting battery combined with high-fidelity sound. Maybe music enthusiasts might want to look into a higher price bracket if they’re not interested in the integrated microphone, but otherwise, we feel like Lenovo always delivers good earbuds.

The design and materials grant stability whenever you’re on the move, so it’s an ideal purchase for athletic people looking to listen to their favorite tracks while exercising. Of course, anyone who just wants to get an affordable pair of headphones to connect their smartphones and play mobile games can also benefit from the low latency provided by the Bluetooth chip. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!