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Lenovo LP40 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Nowadays, it’s crucial to have a good pair of earbuds to keep in your pockets whenever you’re in transit or just working from home. Some people might prefer the over-the-ear headphones due to their sound quality, but earphones have stepped up their game to deliver high fidelity sound and portability. We will look into Lenovo’s LP40 WTS earbuds, which appear a viable option for those looking for a nice balance between accessibility and quality.


Following the market’s trends, Lenovo’s LP40 has a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which allows a transmission distance of 10 meters and another important feature we’ll discuss later.

According to their marketing, its size barely reaches half a credit card and, combined with the fact that the total weight of these earbuds is 25 grams, we can see how they come up as an attractive option for those looking for portable yet powerful earphones.

The case has a light indicator that will switch to red if it needs charging and, once it’s ready and awaiting connection, the light will turn green. Anyone will appreciate its ergonomic design that fits nicely in your ear canal, with a long-lasting battery that won’t cut you out in the middle of your daily tasks.

Sound quality

With a horn diameter of 13mm, the LP40 can surpass its competition by having a graphene composite diaphragm that takes into account high frequencies and vocals.

The diameter and materials combined enhance the sound quality and decrease the chances of distorting it than smaller horns.

People usually only associate a high-quality sound with more oversized headphones, but Lenovo has improved their earbuds products to offer better audio while maintaining an ergonomic and elegant design.

The LP40 does not have physical isolation to keep the ear canal sealed from any external noise, which might deter potential buyers if they feel like they won’t get the ideal noise cancellation. But they’re still an exciting option for its retail price nevertheless.

Microphone quality

The LP40 will have an outstanding performance during calls, even in noisy environments. Other models by Lenovo have CVC noise cancellation technology incorporated so that anyone who calls you can hear your voice loud and clear no matter where you are. The feature is excellent when you’re either on the move downtown or even if you’re chilling at home. These earphones also include dual diaphragms to deliver HD binaural or singular calls since you can either use both or only one with no problems. 

Device compatibility and latency

Do you want to use the LP40 for your competitive matches online with friends? No problem! A crucial aspect of these earbuds comes from the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which helps achieve low latency whenever you’re playing games or videos. Audio and screen synchronisation will never be an issue, allowing you to enjoy a smooth experience on your chosen device. All you need to do is pair once to your smartphone or tablet, and every time you open the case, the LP40 will be ready to go.

How to control the earbuds?

You will be able to use the LP40 as dual hosts since the left and right earbuds are separated for easy use. The way it works is as follows. You can pause or play your songs with a single tap on either earphone at any time. A double click on your left side will decrease your volume, whereas the same action on your right earbud will increase it. If you want to change tracks, the same left-right logic applies with three clicks.

As you can see, it’s a no-hassle system that will allow you to go on with your daily tasks without having to check your phone to switch songs continually. Especially if you’re in the middle of an intense workout session or an exciting match with friends online. In case you’re an iPhone user, you’ll be able to activate Siri just by long-pressing one of your earbuds. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for iOS since Android does not have a voice assistant incorporated yet.

Battery life

The earphones in themselves have a battery of 40mAh, and the case battery comes with a capacity of 300mAh, which only takes about 90 minutes to charge the case entirely. You’ll be able to charge your earbuds several times before having to plug them again, and even then, it only takes 90 minutes to reach its full capacity. The case battery has a USB-C connector, which means that most cables you already got in your house will work with the LP40 and, as we’ve described before, it’s very lightweight. Keep in mind that you should only plug charging equipment equal to or below 5V-2.1A and avoid using fast charging since, unfortunately, it’s not designed for it. Still, we feel like the low battery consumption and extended battery life will be more than enough for your daily needs. 

Is the Lenovo LP40 waterproof?

The great news is that the LP40 does resist sweat and raindrops since they’re IPX4 certified. If you’re interested in knowing what this means, the manufacturers test the earphones by blasting water jets through all angles at the product for 5 minutes. The LP40, in particular, have the level 4 certification, which means they’re technically splash-proof and therefore should have no problems with occasional liquids. For any electronic device, this should be the bare minimum to make sure that it will withstand outdoor conditions, although if you’re looking for some earphones that can be submerged in water and survive, you might want to look elsewhere.

Final verdict

For its size and retail price, the Lenovo LP40 might be the right choice for people who are looking to have comfortable earbuds in their pockets at all times. Nowadays, the manufacturer has released all their products with waterproof technology, which is always a welcomed feature, especially since people are looking for earphones that can be used in diverse scenarios, like exercising, outdoors or even gaming. The most significant disadvantage for the LP40 might be the lack of extra noise-canceling systems, which might put off people who are looking not to be interrupted by a single sound while they’re listening to podcasts or are in the middle of a meeting. Still, the fact that it’s pretty straightforwards with its premise, we can see how to multitask people will appreciate having hassle-free earphones. Bonus points for having Siri integration, something that other brands have neglected for some time!