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Lenovo TC02 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Do you feel uncomfortable using the default earphones that come with your smartphone? Or are you looking to have compact, easy-to-access earbuds instead of having to carry around bulky over-the-ear headphones while you’re doing your daily tasks? Puns aside, it sounds like these earbuds are ideal for you. We will look into Lenovo’s TC02 model, with Bluetooth connection and perfect compact size for your daily needs. Its ergonomic and elegant design could be the ideal option for you, alongside high fidelity sound and automatic connection to almost all mobile devices. 


At first glance, it’s excellent for people always on the move. The first thing you might notice about Lenovo’s TC02 WTS model is the size. Designed with a fast and stable Bluetooth 5.0 chip, each earbud weighs a mere 4 grams and has a 10mm diaphragm diameter. The materials are durable, and the earbuds fit nicely inside your ear canal. 

Lenovo TC02 Black

Once you open the packaging, you’ll see that the earbuds come in a nice casing available in black or white. The case battery in itself is simple and lightweight and has a capacity of 400mAh, which can fully charge in about an hour and a half. It won’t be a life sentence if you forget to plug your earbuds overnight since, as we’ll discuss later, the highlight of this earphone comes in its battery life. Once you pair them, the headset will automatically connect to the last paired device after taking them off their charging case and has a wireless distance of 10 meters. The product includes earphones, a charging case with magnetic opening and closing, a charging cable, and two pairs of ear tips to switch if the default size doesn’t fit your ears properly. The earbuds also include a light that changes on and off when paired to indicate low battery or connection issues. 

Lenovo TC02 White

Sound quality

Of course, what makes or breaks an earphone purchase is how good the sound quality is. Lenovo is known for having accessible devices with decent performance. The TC02 bluetooth headphones offer a nice balance between size and good power with stereo channels. According to its specifications, the earphones have a sensitivity of 98dB and a frequency response range between 20 and 20,000Hz. Unfortunately, the TC02 does not come with an active noise canceling system. Therefore it only relies on creating a seal in the ear canal to isolate external sound. Still, it’s a viable option for people looking for an accessible option for daily use for its retail price.

Microphone quality

Nowadays, we expect most earbuds to come with a microphone, especially if we plan to use them with our smartphones. In this case, the binaural HD microphone integrated into the earphones will do the job just fine. Your voice will sound clear while using the TC02 since this model comes with a Clear Voice Capture (or CVC) noise-canceling system. This technology will allow you to block annoying background noises while talking to someone, allowing them to hear you loud and clear in noisy environments like public transit or windy outdoors. Although the feature mostly shines during phone calls, it’s also suitable for long videoconferences and playing sessions with your friends through Discord. 

Battery life

Where these earbuds genuinely shine is in their battery life. They’re designed with a large capacity battery (55mAh) to last up to 5hours of working time at full workload, and inside their case, they can last up to 7 days of standby time. Compared to the competition, the TC02 can function a working day with no problems while offering high-quality sound and clear audio for your video calls. These earbuds are a great option if you’re looking for a lasting battery since a full charge takes approximately 90 minutes. With low battery consumption and a stable Bluetooth connection, these earbuds will not leave you hanging in the middle of an important call or without your favorite music in the middle of a workout.

How to control the earbuds?

One of the spotlight features of Lenovo’s TC02 is its fingerprint touch button, which is a welcomed feature to avoid having to press against your ear every time you want to answer a call or pause a song. The right earbud is set to change tracks, and the left one is in charge of volume control. One tap on either side will pause or play your current song, and in case you have an incoming call, you’ll either answer or hang up. Overall the system is easy to understand and use, and it’s always appreciated when companies ditch built-in buttons in favor of a more comfortable touch experience. Keep in mind that some users complain about the controls’ unresponsiveness when their hands are a bit sweaty. It’s a feature that could be improved in future releases of more modern versions.

Is the Lenovo TC02 waterproof?

Not all headphones are created equal, and a bit of rain or sweat can quickly ruin a good pair if they’re not built for it. Fortunately, the TC02 is certified with IPX4 waterproof and will withstand intense workout sessions without compromising sound quality. Keep in mind that, to obtain this certification level, the earbuds must have been able to withstand water being sprayed from all directions for 5 minutes. It would be more accurate to describe them as splash proof since they will break down as soon as you drop them into a puddle of water. Still, the IPX4 certification is the bare minimum you should be asking for in any earbud, and the TC02 does have it. Are you looking for some earbuds to use while running? Their ergonomic design will undoubtedly help with having a comfortable experience while doing an intense activity. 

Device compatibility and sound delay

You’ll be able to pair these earbuds with almost all devices available on the market right now. The Bluetooth pairing works flawlessly and, in case you’re looking into purchasing them for your gaming sessions, you won’t have any problems with sound delay. As we’ve mentioned before, the earbuds include a light that will activate once they’re paired with a device and indicate if the battery is low. 

Final verdict

Lenovo’s TC02 WTS earbuds are straightforward in their design, features, and purpose. If you’re looking for an earphone that allows you to talk at any time while keeping it minimalistic, then this could be your ideal purchase. Since it doesn’t include active noise cancellation, this could be a deal-breaker for music enthusiasts, although the long battery life balances out its shortcomings. For its retail price, you will still get a high-quality product that should last with high fidelity sound and clear microphone sound while keeping a small and minimalistic design for the go.