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Lenovo X18 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

If you’re looking for an accessible yet high-quality experience, Lenovo might be an excellent manufacturer to look into if earphones are your ideal choice as a portable audio device. Today we will look into their X18 model, available in black and white and showing a small and lightweight design that fits with ease inside your ear without causing discomfort.

If you’re an active person that needs to move around all day or your routine requires you to stay in front of the desk, it doesn’t matter! These earbuds might be the best match for anyone, especially since they include a Bluetooth 5.0 chip making it compatible with all devices with iOS or Android systems.


The whole product includes the earphones themselves, a charging case, a connecting cable, replaceable silicone pads of different sizes, and the user manual. Once you hold it in your hand, you will realize that they’re incredibly lightweight since they only weigh 4.9 grams each.

Their design is minimalistic, elegant and comfortable precisely so you almost forget that you’re using them, and at the same time you’re able to exercise and do abrupt head movements without losing them thanks to its stable wear alongside the silicone pad that covers the horn and the built-in microphone.

Battery life

An important aspect of any wireless device, Lenovo’s X18 comes with a charging case that can hold 300 mAh at once and each earphone has a battery of 40 mAh.

The charging box can support 5 more recharges to complete 24 hours of listening time, and the good news is that you only need to place the earphones inside the case for 60 minutes to get 4 hours of music or call time.

Overall, the X18 has low power consumption thanks to the top-notch technology included in the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, alongside the diaphragm diameter and independent functionality between earbuds.

Microphone quality

As we’ve briefly mentioned before, these earphones include built-in microphones in each side for better audio quality in calls. They include a FPC antenna, usually compact and reliable, and a double silicon microphone that helps filtering out external noise.

Although they aren’t as reliable as other Lenovo products for video conferences or podcasting, they are still outstanding considering their incredibly compact size and your voice will sound loud and clear on the other end.

After all, where the X18 truly excel is in their sound quality, as we are going to explain underneath.

Sound quality

The X18 can achieve their size thanks to the 6mm horn diameter underneath the silicone pad. Despite its proportions, the sound quality is amazing with 360° surround panoramic sound achieved with a composite membrane moving coil unit.

The piece manages to deliver profound bass, crisp mid-tones and clear high-frequency, giving a pleasant original music experience to the listener. Although these earbuds don’t come with active noise cancellation to completely isolate the sound coming out from their device, we feel like the lack of that feature was expected and doesn’t hinder the high-fidelity audio experience.

Lenovo always surprises with the quality of their headphone products since they’re able to deliver amazing earphones without bumping the retail price, so in case you’re on a budget the X18 comes up as a good wireless option.

Touch control

Following the market’s trend of getting away from physical buttons and going all in with touch controls, the X18 couldn’t be an exception to the rule and are also controlled by gentle fingertip taps.

Each side has its own functionality. For instance, a double click on the left side will play the previous song in your playlist and the right ear will go to the next one.

The triple click will either increase or decrease the volume depending on what side you do the gesture as well. But if you want to play or pause a song, as well as answer or hang up a call, a single tap on either side will do the job.

In case you have an iOS device with Siri activated, you will be able to activate it by doing a long press for two seconds, and use the same gesture to exit the voice assistant.

Keep in mind that, since each earphone has its own antenna, chip and microphone, they both work as primary headphones, allowing for stable connections and low latency whenever you’re connected to your device.

That way, audio and image synchronization will stop being a problem when you’re playing mobile games and sound cues will not be easily lost.

Also, once you go through the pairing process you just need to take the earphones out of their charging case and they will be ready to use, no need to go through the connecting process over and over again.


If you’re interested in using the X18 while outdoors or exercising, then you should know that they have the IPX4 certification, which means that they can withstand liquids, like sweat or water, without causing any malfunction to the internal components.

Nowadays most earphones have at least this certification to make sure that they can be used for sports, and it’s always appreciated when they’re able to resist a bit of splashing without causing damage.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re meant for underwater use and you should be very careful around bodies of water. But, thanks to their stable wear, you don’t need to worry too much.

Final verdict 

Lenovo has come up with a great product that has excellent performance in the sound quality and power consumption thanks to the top-tier Bluetooth 5.0 chip and battery, which supports fast fast charging if you’re in a hurry.

Although they don’t have the best microphone built-in their earphones, they still manage to deliver an amazing experience for the average user and it’s an affordable option. The X18’s size is also a good thing to consider, since they’re so small that they should fit easily into your ear and stay comfortably there as long as you’re wearing them.