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Lenovo X9 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Having a reliable, comfortable pair of earphones is sometimes crucial to having a productive day. Maybe you want to exercise while listening to energetic music, or you need to jump into a video conference at any moment while you’re working. Regardless of your lifestyle, the ideal headphones should connect immediately to your device, offer excellent sound quality, and, depending on your situation, have an affordable retail price. In this case, Lenovo’s X9 might check all the boxes with its elegant design, top-notch technology, and waterproof certification.


The product comes with the charging case, a Type-C cable, the earphones themselves, and the user manual, including any precautions and answers to the most common questions. The X9 is built with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip in each earbud, granting stable connection, low latency, and low power consumption.

Each earbud is incredibly lightweight since they only weigh about 4 grams, and the case goes around 32 grams. The half-in-ear design will fit comfortably, so you don’t need to worry about continually readjusting or moving slowly to avoid it falling off. Following the same trend as many other earphones on the market, once you pair them with a device, you just need to take them off the case, and they will be ready to use every time from now on. 

Sound quality

If you aim to get high fidelity sound, the X9 will deliver just that. The earbuds come with 13 mm diaphragms, enhancing the entire frequency spectrum with thick bass, amazing mid-tones, and clear high-frequency.

Thanks to their dynamic drive and the Bluetooth 5.0 chip added in both earbuds, it will analyze the low, medium, and high-frequency details to restore the original sound quality without having to compromise power consumption.

The chip also helps maintain a stable connection up to 10 meters without obstacles, and its sounds sensitivity can range between 3 and 105dB alongside the standard frequency range of 20 and 20,000 Hz.

An interesting feature comes from the ability to immerse the user with 9D audio, where it distinguishes where the person is located in comparison to what’s shown on the screen and adjusts the sound accordingly.

The feature is particularly fitting for mobile gamers, where sound queues can be the crucial information that could lead to a glorious victory or a shameful defeat.

Unfortunately, the X9 does not include any active noise cancellation method that can use their built-in microphone to hush down loud environments, but that is expected due to the retail price it currently aims for.

Battery life

Whenever you’re looking to buy a new set of earphones, the amount of hours you’ll be able to use them before having to charge them again is a crucial factor. The X9’s charging case has a battery of 300mAh and takes about 90 minutes to charge fully.

Thanks to the Type-C connector, you can charge it with most cables from other devices if you lose the original. Each earbud contains a 40mAh battery and will last about 3 hours of music or call time.

On standby, the battery life extends to about 300 hours. Even though a more sweeping horn usually means more demand from the battery, the Bluetooth 5.0 chip balances out the power consumption and allows the X9 to deliver these numbers.

Microphone quality

As with most earphones, the X9 includes built-in microphones that will be extremely useful for receiving calls, using them during video conferences, or using your device’s voice assistant to navigate without having to use your screen. It has intelligent noise reduction to capture your voice from the loud environment and allows you to be heard loud and clear thanks to CVC (clear voice capture) technology.

Once you activate your voice assistant it will have no issues recognizing your commands and you can easily navigate and go through all the available options from this mode with no problems.

Since each earbud has its own Bluetooth chip, antenna and microphone, your audio will have crisp quality and it should keep a stable connection at all time on a call.

Touch controls

No more physical buttons seems to be the general consensus in the technology industry, and Lenovo’s X9 understands the premise. You can control the earphones with gentle taps, since they have touch controls that are intuitive and easy to activate.

For example, you can touch either side to play or pause the current track you’re listening to, or use the same gesture to answer an incoming call or hang up once you’re done. In case you want to reject a call, a long press for a second will do the trick, while in any other circumstance, you can activate your voice assistant with the same long press on either earbud.

Switching songs or changing the volume is just as easy, and you don’t need to be afraid of touching it while your hands are wet, as we’re going to describe below.

Waterproof certification

These earphones are made out of ABS terpolymer, making them resistant to most fall damage, and have a IPX5 waterproof certification. What this means is that you don’t need to worry about malfunction produced by splashing liquids, like sweat or water, towards the earbuds.

Most manufacturers only aim towards the IPX4 certification, so it’s always good to see how Lenovo tries to add a bit extra. Although they’re perfect for everyday use, never try to submerge them, because they’re not build to work underwater and will instantly malfunction. 

Final verdict

Overall the X9 shows potential with their reliability to offer stable connection, great sound quality and voice assistant compatibility. It’s possible to pair them with most devices with Bluetooth available on the market with either iOS or Android and, thanks to their individual chips, they can be used either as a pair or single.

For their retail price, Lenovo’s X9 are an affordable yet high-quality option, knowing their audience by paying attention to the audio and image synchronization and low power consumption so people can use their earphones for prolonged periods without feeling any discomfort in their ears.