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Lenovo XT89 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Nowadays, people might prefer more portable earphones rather than having over-the-ear headphones that take more space. Especially if they’re looking to have high-demanding activities like exercising outdoors, which usually implies a lot of sweat and the need for comfortable wear not to be continuously distracted by headphones continually falling off the ears.

On this occasion, we will be looking into Lenovo’s XT89 wireless earphones with AAC encoding and a built-in new Bluetooth 5.0 chip. If you’re looking for comfortable and affordable earphones, these earbuds might be the perfect pair for you.


The package includes the earbuds themselves, a charging case with a Type-C connector, and the charging cable alongside the user manual. The earphones’ design does not contemplate silicone pads, which for some users it might be a bit more uncomfortable, but they are meant to offer a stable and light half-in-ear fit after all.

Lenovo designed this product with mobile users in mind by adding the Bluetooth 5.0 chip because the XT89 has stable connectivity and low latency, allowing smooth audio and image synchronization for an optimal gaming experience. Of course, the benefits don’t stop there, as we’re going to explore below. 

Nowadays, most earphones include memory pairing, so you don’t need to go through the pairing process with your device every time you want to use them, and the XT89 is no exception. Just take them out of their charging case, and you’ll be all set to listen to music, podcast, make calls, or use your device’s voice assistant.

Sound quality

The XT89 comes with a 10mm dual-frequency diaphragm, resulting in high-frequency distortion, so you don’t miss any small detail in voices or instruments.

Compared to smaller ring diameters, it enhances the listening experience with solid bass, crisp mid-frequency, and high-pitched clearness. It’s the ideal size where the headphone has a low sound distortion, and it doesn’t demand a lot of power to deliver good sound.

Thanks to the addition of AAC/SBC HD audio decoding, you’ll be able to enjoy the high-fidelity native sound, almost like you’re listening straight from a CD record.

You also get two-ear high-definition sound for calls, although some users have complained about lower sound quality whenever they receive phone calls. The issue doesn’t seem to happen when they use meeting software like Zoom or Skype, so this detail might not be a dealbreaker for everyone.

Battery life

Before we delve into the math, it’s important to note that the manufacturer doesn’t specify whether the charging case supports fast charging. We suggest that in case you buy the XT89 and want to use a fast-charging method, you do so with precaution.

The battery life is a crucial aspect of any wireless device, and Lenovo’s XT89 charging case comes with an internal battery of 300mAh, with each earphone holding up to 40mAh. The good news, you won’t be left stranded if you forget to charge the battery case overnight!

All these numbers translate into approximately 4 hours of playtime with an average volume of 70%. In addition to this, you can extend its use for about 24 hours with the charging chamber, making it an ideal companion for an entire workday. And, if we look at the standby time, the XT89 can last up to 350 hours without having to plug into the electrical current. 

Microphone quality

Are you looking for some headphones that can also help you with calls? Or even some voice recording for personal use? The XT89 comes with a built-in microphone precisely for those purposes. Whether you want to hop into a video conference, talk to your friends during an online match, or use your voice assistant, these earphones come with environmental noise reduction technology. The ENC system can reduce the ambient sound up to more than 35dB, which can help in the long run whenever you’re trying to communicate freely with your teammates. 

The earphones also include clear voice capture technology, retaining your voice from the noisy background so that whoever is calling you can clearly understand what you’re saying. The CVC and ENC systems combined aren’t usually included in all earphones currently available on the market, so it’s a great detail to consider in your next purchase.

XT89’s touch controls

Going along with the industry trend of eliminating all physical buttons, Lenovo’s XT89 has smart touch controls. The system is more intuitive, simpler to use, and it’s more convenient. To activate the voice assistant, you can press and hold either earbud, and you’ll be navigating with voice commands in no time. You can also change tracks, answer or reject calls, or control the volume with gentle taps to the earphones without causing any discomfort to your ear canal.

An important detail, each earphone has its Bluetooth chip, microphone, and sound unit. Older models used to have a primary and sub-headphone whenever it connected to a device. Therefore you were forced to use both, and disconnection problems were frequent. But now, you can either have a single earphone or both at once without any issues. 

Waterproof certification

Another important detail about Lenovo’s XT89 is its IPX5 certification. Usually, manufacturers only try to aim towards an IPX4 certificate, proving that the device can withstand water jet blasts from all directions for 5 minutes without suffering malfunctions.

These earphones are ideal for exercising since they don’t get any damage from sweat, water, or rain. Still, you’re going to lose the pair if they end up in a puddle of water because they aren’t hermetic, but for daily use, they hit the mark.

Final verdict

Lenovo has proven to deliver high-fidelity sound without compromising affordability, and the XT89 would be the ideal companion for athletes, gamers, and music enthusiasts alike. The technology used to optimize audio quality and voice clearness is an excellent plus for calls. The addition of the Bluetooth 5.0 chip in each earbud allows for low latency and stable connection without consuming a lot of energy. Overall, the XT89 seems like a wise choice if you’re on a budget but still want to get a durable, comfortable sound experience.